Biogas Jackets

We supply various models and volume capacity of ‘ready-to-fix’ biogas jackets that can be wall-mounted like a calendar,compressors (both manual and lectric), Bottling Units, Electrification Units, Lightning Systems, embedded with Safety Valves and Multi-Opening Facility to connect Digester, Burner and Additional Jackets. We also make custom requirement biogas jackets and holders. We also undertake to make products in your label and banner upon minimum order quantity.

Biogas Accessories

In short, we supply almost all accessories other than tank that finds application in biogas plant installation. We are leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of biogas accessories ranging from Restricted Baffle, Elbow Connectors, Gas Vents, Thread Fittings, Short Elbow, Safety & Bleeder Plugs, Multi Valve(s), Crown & Dome, Weather Shields etc., Each item comes with a maximum 10 years technical assistance. The whole set-up including tool kit is as much like a school bag.

Villa Model Biogas Plant

This model is a simple version consisting of a Digester Tank-Gas Jacket-Burner. Feed through the top Inlet. Decant the slurry after 24 hours through the side by opening the outlet tap. Biogas fills in the Jacket. Burner made of refractory brick. An appropriate Biogas plant saves up to 50% cooking gas utility.

Apartment Model Biogas Plant

This model is a design version consisting of a Digester Tank-Gas Jacket-Burner-Cutting Table-Kitchen Sink. The Gas Jacket is positioned on the outer part of the work area. Note, here the slurry, i.e. the waste liquid output can be attached to the kitchen outlet. Slurry reception option is also incorporated for household gardening. The whole digester is made up of superior quality metal so as to stand long life.

Commercial/Industrial Biogas

Similar to other mixed culture fed-batch biogas plants, here, the digester plant is groomed with the support of septic tank and conveniently coined as SEPTIC DOME BIOGAS PLANT – This type of biogas plant provides deep composting in multiple stages and finds application in commercial segments like hotel, canteens, hospitals etc., as well as industrial applications in a larger scale. The rate may be about 40% less compared to fixed-dome biogas plants. It only takes 2 hours to install compared to 20 days for fixed-dome. Maintenance is also very easy.