Who We Are

NATIONAL AWARD [NIRD&PR] WINNING PROJECT and GOVERNMENT SANITATION MISSION PROGRAM funded for R&D, Start-up Capital and followed by supports from various Government agencies, NAVAJYOTHI BIOGAS is, today, synonymous with “AFFORDABLE BIOGAS SOLUTIONS- for homes & farms alike”.

Our Product at a glance

We sell biogas kits fit enough for self-serviceable micro-feed fed-batch biogas plants which is packed in a 6-inch x 20-inch x 20-inch case weighing 4 kg to 6 kg. All one requires is a HDPE tank and pipes and local accessories to fix a biogas plant. This system is government approved technology. The Biogas Kit contains Wall Mountable Flexible Pillow Type Biogas Jacket of 120 x 150 cm along with inlet and outlet, burner and hose, connectors and safety systems.

What Makes Us Different?

  • No smell
  • No mosquito
  • No Dirt
  • Simple to Manufacture – Install – Operate – Service – Maintenance
  • Minimal Space
  • Universal Biogas Accessories
  • Affordability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durability …and many more