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Self-serviceable micro-feed biogas plants & accessories

About US

NATIONAL AWARD [NIRD&PR] WINNING PROJECT and GOVERNMENT SANITATION MISSION PROGRAM funded for R&D, Start-up Capital and followed by supports from various Government agencies, NAVAJYOTHI BIOGAS is, today, synonymous with “AFFORDABLE BIOGAS SOLUTIONS- for homes & farms alike”..

What we do​

Matching up with the ever increasing requirements of the customers, we are engaged in providing Biogas Plant Installation and maintenance Service.

Why Choose Us

Our professional and experienced team delivers the most efficient biogas solutions at competitive rates.

Convert waste to fuel

Generate your own cooking gas from the organic waste you produce and also produce fertilizer form the organic waste you produce

How it works

Collect the waste

Collects the food scraps and vegetable wastes in a bin

Put it in the tank

Feed your waste into the system inlet. waste input upto 1% digester capacity

digest the craps

Bacteria digest the food scraps and generate biogas

Storing the bag

Biogas storing in the bag. Now you can cook using the biogas.