We manufacture & sell fed-batch biogas plants, accessories, training & consultancy – Biogas Jackets, Biogas Choola & Burners, Digesters, Biogas Bottling Unit & Accessories, catering to domestic – commercial and industrial biogas plants and related avenues on turnkey as well as third party outsourcing. The technology propagated is Fed-Batch Culture Biogas Technology. There are two types of Fed-Batches. One is Anaerobic Fed-Batch and the other is Mixed Culture Fed-Batch. Fed-Batch provides superior performance compared to other technologies in our experience. The company promotes anaerobic as well as mixed culture batch plants as well as hybrid models depending upon the requirement of the customer. A brief script of our projects is available at YouTube https://youtu.be/tZUotCUbndg A typical fed-batch biogas consists of 4 components viz.,
  1. Any suitable water tank, preferably HDPE converted to Digester tank for processing bio-degradable food waste
  2. Flexible Biogas Jacket that can be hung to a wall or grill like a calendar for collecting biogas
  3. Foldable Biogas Burner technically crafted to occupy minimal space better flame efficiency
  4. Safety Factors incorporated to provide maximum safety, sanitation and long life


A BIOGAS Kit consists of biogas holder jacket / hose / burner / connection set / universal inlet / universal outlet elbow. Ideally, a tank, hardware accessories like araldite, m-seal, hooks etc., and a metre of 5-inch pipe is sufficient to assemble a biogas plant.